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is available to provide exceptional Post-Mastectomy care in Waco, Tx. Our Certified Mastectomy Fitter, Tammy, is accredited by the American Board of Certified Orthotics and Prosthetics. She is available for fitting appointments Monday through Friday. 

Tammy will carefully listen to each patient and use our selection of high-quality products from American Breast Care to fit each individual needs. Appropriately fitted bras and prostheses can mean the difference between living and living well for those that have had a mastectomy, or lumpectomy. Our service includes obtaining documentation from your Physician, verifying your insurance benefits, and submitting the medical claim. We accept Medicare, Medicaid, and most major insurances.

American Breast Care is dedicated to helping women lead fuller lives after breast surgery. By listening to our customers' needs, they develop the most innovative, high-quality products and services. Their passionate team of dependable professionals is committed to earning the trust of our customers and the confidence of the women we serve.

Contact us for a fitting appointment to help you choose the best product for your post-surgical needs.

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Product Categories


Post Surgical Kit

Every woman’s recovery journey is different. American Breast Care partners with Certified Mastectomy Fitters and retailers who can guide you through the process of finding the right products and fit for you.


Breast Forms

Breast Forms (prostheses and shapers) are a non-surgical option to restore the look and feel of your natural breasts. The form will provide balance for your body. We have a selection of forms that are lightweight, or fully weighted. Other features may include a secure fit, and adjustable fullness.


Custom Breast Forms

We have the technology available to digitally scan your body to have a custom breast prosthesis designed to provide the most intimate fit. It will be molded to fit your body, no matter the contour, shape and profile. The custom prosthesis will be sculpted of material that weighs around 45% less than an off the shelf breast form.


Mastectomy Bras

We have a variety of bra styles that are sure to meet the needs of your lifestyle. Each mastectomy bra is lined with pockets inside the bra cups to securely hold the breast prostheses in place. They have specialized necklines designed to conceal your breast prostheses.


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Quick and easy
iPad scanning technology
silicone for comfort
Extensive selection
of skin and nipple/areola colors and options


"If I had only known about Mastectomy Fitters before, I would have gotten professionally fitted much sooner! Nobody told me there is a place to get Prosthesis and Bras."

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